5 Ways and Tips: How To Care For Your pet To Feel Better

Spending time with dogs, cats or many other animals – My dog is in pain and can’t Poop – contribute to improving people’s mood and health. Research shows that having a pet can make us happier, healthier, less stressed, and more productive at work. In particular, during the time of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, this little friend is truly a “silent hero”, making the somewhat dull days more colorful.  

Is the “motivation” for us to move

Results from one study show that pet owners are more active for up to 30 minutes a day than non-pet owners. This benefit is seen most in dog owners, as dogs are high-energy animals, they need regular activity to stay healthy. Surely we can’t “ignore” when our lovely dog ​​is wagging his tail and asking for a walk, right? Therefore, having an active pet can give us more “motivation” to go out and play with them.

With sedentary pets such as cats, birds, fish, etc., owners still have the opportunity to be more active through pet training activities or cleaning the place, bathing them.

Reduce stress

In modern society, people are often reeling from the fast pace of life. We look to many different ways to reduce stress as well as learn how to relax and rest properly. Having a pet – playing with the dog, petting the cat or simply watching the fish swim in the tank will be a great solution to this dilemma. Scientific studies have shown that pet owners have significantly lower stress levels than non-pet owners.


In addition, a study by Washington State University also showed that keeping pets and being in contact with them for 10 minutes a day helps reduce the hormone cortisol – a hormone secreted when we are stressed. Therefore, keeping pets and being with them every day will help reduce stress effectively.

Improve mood

Imagine after a tiring day at work, the first thing we see when we get home is a pet waiting at the door, running into our lap and giving us a warm welcome. This will be very effective mental comfort therapy. Scientists believe that spending a few minutes with a pet helps the brain release serotonin and dopamine – two  human happiness hormones more than usual. 

In particular, during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, all activities were encapsulated within four walls. If there is a pet next to “companion”, our life will certainly be more interesting. This is also the reason why people who often work under pressure often keep pets to improve their mood. 

Maintain blood pressure within the allowable range

High blood pressure forces us to regularly check our weight, abstain from eating, and actively exercise. However, for people with pets in the house, it is often easier to maintain blood pressure at an acceptable level. This can be the result of more exercise, as well as a more positive attitude when having a pet.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), having a pet can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, especially for people with hypertension. In addition, another study involving 240 couples proved that families with pets had more stable blood pressure and heart rates than the rest. 

What to prepare before bringing more pet members home?

Having a pet is not simply adding a family member, but children are holding the responsibility for a life. Therefore, parents should determine if their child really loves and his ability is enough for him to be responsible for taking care of this “friend”. 

When you’re sure your child is ready, choose with your child what animal the new member of the family will be. Here are some characteristics of popular animals that may make it easier for you and your child to choose:

  • Dogs  are ideal pets because of their cuteness and loyalty, but they need a lot of care and attention. This can help children become aware of responsibility and the importance of showing affection in a relationship. 
  • Cats  are quite emotionally independent animals, but equally lovable. Unlike dogs who are always overjoyed, cats often know how to show affection more gently and calmly. Your child can also learn this independence and sophistication by taking care of his own cat.
  • Birds, hamsters, rabbits, baby turtles  are options that require less responsibility. Children can interact with these pets whenever they like and they don’t take too long to take care of them. 
  • Fish  is considered the easiest choice, because they require relatively little time to care (just feed every day and change the water periodically), and can make children excited every time they look at them.

You and your children should discuss carefully before choosing the right pet to not only benefit the family but also ensure the best living environment for this new member.

We can consider owning one or more pets, because in addition to the health and mental benefits, having a pet also brings many interesting experiences for ourselves and our families.

To 5 Ways to make Money online

Surely many young people are no stranger to making money online – If you are interested in Dual Mining Calculator, to make the highest profitability in mining. Making money online is the trend of 2019 with many groups of people from young people, students, nursing mothers, or those who want to have a passive job or a side job for themselves but the source of income. even higher than the main source of income. 

Many of you are very excited and curious to hear stories about people who are plugged into their phones, computers, and online 24/7 every day and earn tens or even hundreds of millions of dong every month. So what is making money online and what is the best way to make money online? Follow the article below to see what are the top 5 fastest ways to make money online!


What is making money online?

Overview of the knowledge you need to know about making money online.

Making money online, also known as MMO, is a new form but no longer strange to many people. This is a fairly common form of business. It can be defined that, making money online is a form of making money from jobs over the internet with the method of working through internet-connected devices such as mobile phones or computers or some networked devices. other. This can be seen as a new term paired since the internet appeared in Vietnam, supporting and combining with other forms of online business – online business.

Making money online  is currently a popular form that many people love and choose for many reasons. Firstly, the need to promote the brand of stores or brands is increasing, using the internet for business helps you to both reach customers and not spend too much money on advertising. Secondly, investors do not have to spend too much capital in investing in shops, premises, facilities… In addition, the online business helps sellers save maximum time because only need connection equipment. Internet connection is already able to participate in work anytime, anywhere.

Top 5 best ways to make money online today

Here are the most effective ways to make money online today. There are many paths for you to choose according to your own suitability. There are ways to make money very quickly, but it’s only trendy, but in the long run, it’s not as effective as it was in the beginning. There are simpler ways to make money but without high income, but the level of stability will be longer.

1. Make money with Affiliate marketing of ACCESSTRADE

ACCESSTRADE – the leading affiliate marketing platform in Vietnam and Asia

Affiliate marketing is also known as affiliate marketing. This is simply understood as a method of introducing your products to customers, typically some websites, web-apps that sell online such as Lazada, Shoppee, Tiki… Your profit will come from the deduction. commission for each product sold through those websites. The commission can range from 8-15% or more.

This form has great benefits when you do not need to own a large capital. In addition, you do not need to worry about personnel management, warehouse management, goods or customer care… Besides, the commission you receive and flexible working hours at any location. anywhere is a great advantage, attracting many people interested.

Currently, ACCESSTRADE is the leading affiliate marketing platform in Vietnam in particular and Asia in general. With more than 80 major partners who are leading suppliers in the fields of Finance, E-commerce, Education, Business… Some prominent distribution partners among more than 80000 partners can mention the ones. familiar names such as: Tiki, Shoppee, Lazada …

2. Make money through Trade Coin – trading cryptocurrency:

Form of Trade Coin – cryptocurrency trading has a type of cryptocurrency called Cryptocurrency. In addition, Cryptocurrency is also known by names such as cryptocurrencies, digital currencies … The reason these names are born is that this currency is formed based on encryption and digitalization technologies through technology. modern algorithms. Investing in BitCoin – one of the forms of cryptocurrencies with super huge profits but also close to risk has “stormed” in 2017.

Cryptocurrency in the last two years is emerging as a “phenomenon” because the amount of money you invest can increase very quickly, doubling or even tripling the amount of assets you own. Although cryptocurrency is gradually decreasing in temperature recently, two years ago, this seemed to be an “attractive bait” that a lot of people were interested in and engaged in.


However, an outstanding issue that you need to pay attention to when learning about this currency is the risk and the large technical holes. Many people have had to give these coins a name “virtual currency”. Many bad actors have taken advantage of many people’s ambitions to multiply their assets quickly and their trust and some technical tricks have performed fraud, withdrawing virtual money, leaving many people empty-handed. after only a few hours. This is also an area that requires participants to have as little knowledge of information technology or know about advanced techniques as possible. For the inexperienced, it can be said that betting is like a game of cards.

3. Make money with Google Adsence

Make money online through Google Adsence.

Google Adsense is also considered a tool to help you  make money online  effectively. All you need to do is  create a website  and maintain it with a steady stream of traffic. When your website has a stable traffic, you will receive a suggestion to place ads from Google. You can sign up with a Google manager to receive money from placing ads.

However, the value obtained from Google Adsense is not really high enough and if you want to have a large income, you must have a website with a large amount of traffic. Small websites often find it difficult to get attention and stable income. It is also for this reason that many people have turned to other forms of higher income.

4. Make money online through Teespring by selling T-shirts

Designing and selling T-shirts on Teespring is also an effective way to make money online.

Selling t-shirts was a popular way to make money in 2015. For MMOs at the time, selling t-shirts was a huge profit. The number can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars per month. All you need to do is design beautiful t-shirts and promote them.

To do this job, there are a number of indispensable elements in your skills. The first is about creativity. You need to have a very good creative mind and good ideas in product aesthetics to create unique, strange and beautiful shirt designs. Besides, design skills and some other skills are also very important. To do this job well, you need to have a perfect plan in promoting the product such as: where to run ads, how to run Facebook Ads for the most efficiency, find the right audience and offer The right goal…

5. Selling online on Facebook:

Selling online on facebook – a familiar form of online business for many people.

Referring to online sales on Facebook, in addition to being known as the largest social network, Facebook can also be considered an effective and widespread online sales channel. Thanks to the feature of being the world’s largest social network with a huge number of followers and users, Facebook accidentally became a large “product exchange”.


With the platform available from Facebook, mainly at first, business people will choose to do business directly through their personal page. Then it will be possible to expand through groups and fanpages. In particular, Facebook also supports running ads if you have a need. A huge number of facebook users will become your potential, familiar and “customer” customers. Specifically, there are many people who have become billionaires just by selling through Facebook. The items sold through Facebook also have a certain variety. However, the prominent items are usually clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, cosmetics… because these items often attract the attention of many people.

Selling online helps you save time, manpower, management costs or hire offline stores. Moreover, you do not need too much business paperwork or a certain amount of capital when starting a business. This can be seen as the most popular method of making money online today, attracting many young people.

However, please choose the source of goods at factory price and quality to get the advantage in terms of products as well as business costs. You can import goods on Taobao, 1688, Tmall, Aliexpress, Pinduoduo… good quality. Please pay attention to choose the right supplier, and you can refer to the Chinese import service of reputable shipping companies such as: Piget, Vo Minh Thien, Vinh-cat, Viet Trung Logistics, …


In short, MMO currently has a lot of forms and methods to do it from easy to difficult, fast to long. It’s not really easy to say, but it’s not really hard either. If you are really passionate and determined to pursue to the end, nothing is impossible to achieve, even the benefits you gain are many times higher when you choose to be an office worker or a certain job. other. Be alert to choose for yourself the most suitable and effective job on the road of MMO!